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Welcome to Marcelle Jalkh’s website

Welcome to Marcelle Jalkh’s website: the reflection of an ultimate healthy lifestyle. Marcelle, who’s a fitness expert and a personal trainer is specialized in medical fitness with fields ranging from fat burning applications to neck & back disorders, healthy living and healthy dieting.

With over 20 years of experience in various fitness disciplines, Marcelle is currently focusing on providing services for medically limited individuals seeking special attention, training and dedicated service. Cooperating with distinguished physiotherapists and physicians, she has helped a considerable number of patients to overcome their health disorders, implement a healthy way of living into their daily life, and most of all learn to sustain it and live HEALTHY.

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My name is Jihane, I’ve been with Marcelle from 2008. One of the most important things that made me continue with her is that; I used to have Carpal tunnel and all the doctors told me to have an operation, but with the help of Marcelle’s new techniques; Eldoa, I have healed and I improved for more than 70%. I am feeling very well and all thanks to the new techniques of Marcelle!