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Some individuals do suffer from back or neck pain due to all day sitting in the office to the extent that it would make them feel irritated, exhausted and could sometimes lead to the loss of concentration at work. Some others are hardly able to walk straight without feeling any kind of pain which ruins their day considerably.

All of these complications can be fixed with a few simple and personalized exercises from a Somatrainign certified coach whose job is to diagnose the problem and recommend the best training program for a maximum relief and relaxation.

No surgery is required, no chemical medication is necessary just some specific exercises to relieve you from your constant pain.

My name is Marcelle Jalkh and I am a corrective exercise specialist; I got my degree from “Premier Training International” in England. Afterwards, I obtained the C.H.E.K. exercise coach in 2012 as well as the Soma Training continuing Diploma in Eldoa. All of these credentials along with more than 20 years of experience have allowed me to find new approaches and practices to ease your pain in a delicate and a natural way.

As I am mostly passionate about training and living healthy, sharing this passion and all of this knowledge I have accumulated along those years with community has allowed me to help them live a life free of pain and enjoy every single moment of it.

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My name is Bassam Zaynoun, I’m 45 years old. I used to suffer from acute back pain from more than 5 years; I underwent a lot of examinations, I went for physiotherapy sessions, and I also did 3 IRMs. For the past 3 years I’m exercising in “Fit’n’ Firm” in Zalka, with the coach Marcelle Jalkh. Marcelle is a coach that is specialized in the medical sport and in the Eldoa and stretching. The coach Jalkh does a lot of sessions in USA, and she is always improving and evolving is this field.  I’ve been with her for 4 years, and thankfully my back has healed no more pain. Thank you Marcelle.