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General information about Senior Exercises

Geriatrics, known for aged people, promotes health, prevention, and treatment of diseases and disabilities. This technique focuses especially on the unique needs and wants of the elderly person.  Exercises to keep healthy muscles, healthy back, healthy posture. This way you can look and feel younger.

5 Home remedies to look younger everyday

  • Use coconut milk to keep skin moisturized.
  • Use papaya mask to keep the skin firm.
  • Use rose water to keep skin tightened.
  • Use cucumber and curd pack to keep skin rejuvenated.

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My name is Gisele Bou Abdallah. I have been practicing sports with Marcelle for a very long time. The sport here is no ordinary sport. Marcelle takes care of the quality of the exercises that we do. The exercises are not about the repetition or the time only; we can only workout for 30 minutes, but we will be working all our body muscles. Marcelle’s exercises are always simple and easy to do, and they target all the core muscles; from the head to the toes. I had a problem with my knees and wanted to undergo an operation; I went to Marcelle we worked quality and frequency exercises specifically for my knees and I was cured. The doctor also prescribed some medications and a treatment for my hand; but with the simple and easy exercises I was able to stop all the medication!

All of you come and visit Marcelle!