Exercise with Marcelle

Anti-Aging Treatment

Who wouldn’t want to look young forever? Anti-aging treatment a way to look and feel younger every day

Back Disorders

What causes back pain and what is the best training practice to be done to strengthen the torso? Tips for a healthy back

Disease Prevention

Prevent and protect yourself from diseases with some simple tips and useful exercises!

Eldoa Methods

If you’re suffering from some disc and joint problems, try some Eldoa exercises to support and enhance your spine structure

Fighting Obesity

Dealing with obesity and burning fat without surgery or chemical drugs through living and eating healthy. Change your daily habits and lose the excess kilograms of fat in your body

Junior Exercises

Want your kids to grow up to have a right back posture and a right lifestyle?

Medical Fitness

Who said people with medical limitations cannot workout?

Medical Massages

How to relax and help your body heal at the same time? Benefits of a medical massage

Muscular conditioning

Have you ever dreamt about your perfect body? Get the best muscular conditioning exercises to tone your body to perfection!

Myo-Fascial Stretching

Muscles knots? Relieve yourself from the pain with a myo-fascial stretching; and protect yourself and your muscles

Neck Disorders

What causes neck pain and what is the best training practice to be done to ensure a healthy neck & upper back area? Tips for a healthy neck


How to get a better posture? What causes bad posture and what is the best training practice to be done for a long lasting healthy posture? Tips for a better posture

Private Skype Training

Get your Trainer at the push of a button! Try Private Skype Training.

Senior Exercises

Now you can prevent yourself from illnesses and problems that occur with age. You can now schedule exercises specially designed for people with advanced age

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My name is Nathalie; I’ve been with Marcelle for 14 years.  Her sport and exercises are so easy, simple and efficient. And I love exercising with her!